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Muhammad Arif Khan
Dear Valued Customers,
I am honored to welcome you to Leathers Expert, where we have been providing premium quality leather products to customers around the world since 1990. As the CEO of this company, I am proud to lead a team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about crafting the finest leather products that exceed our customers' expectations.
Our commitment to quality is evident in every aspect of our business, from the careful selection of the best raw materials to the skilled craftsmanship of our artisans. We believe that every product we create should be a testament to the enduring beauty and durability of leather, and we take great care to ensure that each piece is made with the highest level of attention to detail.
At Leathers Expert, we believe that our success is built on strong relationships with our customers. We strive to provide a shopping experience that is both enjoyable and seamless, with exceptional customer service that ensures your satisfaction. We understand that our customers have high expectations when it comes to quality, and we are committed to meeting and exceeding those expectations every time.
Thank you for choosing Leathers Expert for your leather needs. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you for years to come. Sincerely,
Who We Are
"Leathers Expert is amongst the Top-Rated leather manufacturing companies. We welcome value-added customers, and in the years to come; we will remain focused on expanding our range of leather products. Our experienced merchandising marketing, raw material development, and the quality team have specialist knowledge of designing leather apparel. I have this contention that we can set an example for other companies to follow, by demonstrating, helping protect the environment, and making the society we live in a better place through various activities and campaigns contributions to society will actually create awareness to save our planet, We believe that our companionate actions will make the world a better place for generations to come."
"Leathers Expert is promoting sustainable environmental practices within the leather industry. This is a place for 100% original leather products; whether it is shoes, jackets, or accessories, you will find genuine, exuberant, and fashionable leather products. Our products are what you live with, what you work with, and what you travel with. We are a renowned manufacturer of first-class finished leather that is being purchased from all over the world and we aim to provide high-quality, durable, and stylish leather products. At Leathers Expert, our most important asset is our people. We educate and train our skilled production team to facilitate them to take steps for progress in the quality and efficacy of their work and take decisions by mutual consent. We work diligently and every person working in our team is dedicated to your complete satisfaction."


Our story began in 1990, with a simple question that puzzled thousands of individuals and co-operations as a whole. We simply asked, "What is the most prominent and the best way to make something that can excel and is budget-friendly at the same time?" After much work, digging, and research, The fruition of our work finally came into life and we discovered why the clothing industry has so many problems. Now with the problem's solution in hand, we started the Leathers Expert so we could start our mission and make a change that would benefit many millions of customers that have problems buying the leather products they want.


We take great pride in the extensive range of over 500 quality Products that we offer in a multitude of disciplines. Our dedicated R&D department has acclaimed many golden feathers in their hat by modifying, designing and manufacturing according to customer requirements. Even more importantly, we have a very significant policy of effective ‘service after sales’ to the satisfaction of our entire clients. Your satisfaction is our motto!


Leathers Expert is a well established company from Punjab state, Sailkot Pakistan. We are engaged in manufacturing and distribution of 100% pure quality Leather products since 1990. Our products are distributed throughout the world. We are providing the one stop solution for every entity that is striving for total quality, shortest delivery time, reliable manufacturer and exporter through enhancing the capabilities and skills of the human resources.



The challenge we took on ourselves was simple if spoken from words, making it easy for people to buy a high-quality leather jacket at accessible pricing. But doing it is on another level, yet we are still determined to move on this path, learn and grow together.



It all starts with the raw materials and since we carry our life in our jackets, we don’t use anything but only the best possible materials. All our jackets are made with full grain natural leather, YKK Zippers, and polyester lining.


Our products are handmade, one at a time by one craftsman with precision and attention to detail, unlike the mass chain production. Not opting for chain production means higher cost but a better quality that you will notice in our stitching.


With our direct-to-consumer approach, our products come at ¼ the price of what luxury brands would sell them for. We keep our prices lower by cutting out middlemen, storefront costs and inefficient marketing spent. Additionally, with just-in-time production.


Inclusivity is a buzzword but we take it quite seriously. We truly know there is something electrifying about wearing a great leather jacket, we ensure no one misses out on this. All our jackets are offered in eight standard sizes from XS to 4XL.


As no two persons are alike, we believe in diversity and expression. Our customers can make 100% custom, bespoke jackets from scratch with the help of our design consultants. Thus, fostering diversity and enabling our customers to fully express themselves and be apart from the rest.

our factory, in the nucleus of Sialkot

Sialkot, Punjab.

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